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Origins and Processes

Who We Work With

It’s important to us that the people we work with have the same ethos and sustainable thinking as we do. For example, the main factory PURO partners with has an on-going CSR programme that provides IT education for the children of the farmers and factory workers they employ, ensuring the enrichment of the next generation. The factory has employed a permanent computer instructor who teaches batches of 30 kids at a time over a six-month course and awards students with certificates upon completion.

Their other CSR programmes include the construction, renovation and painting of the Kuliyapitiya maternity wards, the donation of text books to the schoolchildren of the management, staff and workers at the factory, extensive hygiene education for farmers and their families, and special rewards each year for children who performed exceptionally at school.













Single Origin Produce
At PURO, we like keeping it simple, so many of our products are single origin.

 Product Origin
Virgin Coconut Oil Sri Lanka
Coconut Milk
Sri Lanka
Coconut Flour
Sri Lanka
Banana Blossom
Sri Lanka
Young Tender Jackfruit
Sri Lanka
Unrefined Coconut Sugar Indonesia