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Live the PURO Life


Here at PURO, we’ve always prided ourselves on our amazing, nutritious coconut-based products, made using only natural ingredients and natural processes. That means no to unpleasant practises like chemically refining, bleaching or deodorising, and no to nasty chemical additives.

We’re super excited to announce that our range is growing to include some fantastic coconut-inspired spreads and versatile plant-based meat alternatives.

We are also working to move away from plastics across all of our packaging. The first step in this journey is the introduction of compostable pouches for our coconut flour and coconut sugar.


We Love Animals

As a pro-vegan, plant-based, animal-loving brand, we never use coconuts harvested by monkeys. We strongly condemn such practices and have audited our partner manufacturers to make sure such sources are nowhere near our supply chain. We source most of our coconut-based products from Sri Lanka, and our coconut sugar comes from Indonesia. Both countries use bamboo pole harvesting and tree climbing, and no monkeys have been used for the harvesting of coconuts or other agricultural products.


Our mission is to create pure, organic and ethical creations that appeal in a health conscious world.

PURO is driven by a need to make superior quality products that are priced affordably for our consumers. All products are manufactured to the same high standard offering unrivalled value.