Our Story

Most sailors would say a storm was bad luck.

But Great Grandfather Jafferjee, a trader from India, would insist that some storm clouds have a silver lining….

Our story

In 1895, Jafferjee was sailing to the Maldives to buy fish when a tempest whipped up the waves and tossed his boat about like a toy. He landed, shipwrecked, in Galle, Sri Lanka.

Now, you might think: poor guy, rotten luck. But it was quite the opposite. Jafferjee had stumbled upon the most beautiful island he had ever seen. It had sparkling-white beaches, tropical rainforests – and the juiciest coconuts around. So, as soon as his boat was fixed, he sailed home, picked up his things and moved to Sri Lanka.

He couldn’t keep those tasty coconuts a secret. And he began shipping them all over Europe. Four generations later, countless food businesses have turned them into a multitude of snacks and meals. But we realised we were missing a trick.

The coconut finally dropped.

Our ridiculously delicious and nutritious coconutty creations weren’t available to people like YOU. So, in 2017, we decided to change all that with a brand new chapter to this story. It’s called PURO ORGANIC.

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